bushbumper said: My friend is droooling over you. XD He's wanting me to send you a dick pic of him but I didn't want to be weird. O.o

Hahaha what does he look like? Dick pics are cool sometimes. 

Anonymous said: I like your pics! Super pretty! So you hAve "bottomless" pics? If so where can I find em?😍

if you type in my username “lover13stars” in the search bar they should all be there.

Anonymous said: Post nudes?

Not nudes no. I post my ass, and my boobies. The pussy is a secret.


You are such a hot fresh model. Such a unique canvas for your banging fine body Blue…

Things to do while stoned:

1- Play dubstep and watch cartoons dancing. 

2- Scroll tumblr

3- Smoke more weed

fitnessbeast7 said: How would you feel about doing foot fetish pictures/videos?

I dont have many shots of my feet, im not sure how to approach that

beautifulgirlsbeautifulbodies said: Hello, you are very beautiful. Was wondering if you would be willing to submit a picture or pictures to the blog. You would be a great addition to the blog for sure. If not, no worries, and thank you for your time. Have a nice day

Will do! :)

Don't get lost in yourself.

Don't get lost in yourself.